Cheers to another year!

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3 min readDec 31, 2023

This year was the definition of getting things done 🤝

What a year it’s been at Wayru Network! As we wave goodbye to 2023, we’re excited to share a snapshot of the milestones we’ve rolled out.

📡 Genesis Devices Deployment: We successfully implemented a network of over 300 Genesis hotspots in Quito, Ecuador. These hotspots serve as crucial points for internet access, enhancing connectivity across the city and improving access for numerous individuals.

📶 Deployed Captive Portal: We introduced a captive portal to enhance the user experience for those connecting through Genesis Devices. This portal offers a seamless process, allowing users to create accounts and view advertisements for free internet access.

🇺🇳 Partnership with UN — UNHCR: We established a groundbreaking self-sustaining network through a strategic partnership with the UNHCR in Ecuador. This collaboration installed 42 hotspots in a particularly challenging area of Guayaquil, providing vital internet access to over 2,500 refugees daily. This initiative has been instrumental in fostering connectivity and empowerment within vulnerable communities.

🚀 WayruOS Launch: Our launch of WayruOS marked a significant leap forward. Based on OpenWRT, this innovative system empowers any WiFi device to become a tool capable of generating cryptocurrency. With compatibility across more than ten different devices, this launch paves the way for substantial advancements in 2024, revolutionizing the accessibility and potential of WiFi networks.

📱 Wayru WiFi 3.0: The release of Wayru WiFi 3.0 for Android and iOS has been pivotal. This user-friendly application has enabled individuals worldwide to discover, share, and validate WiFi networks effortlessly. Notably, most users engaging with this technology are newcomers to the blockchain, indicating our role in introducing this transformative technology to a broader audience.

📁 Docs Launch: We’ve initiated a comprehensive support documentation page, providing updated and accessible information about the Wayru Network. This resource is a valuable repository for users, ensuring clarity and guidance regarding our network and services.

📌 Stats: The impressive statistics from this year highlight our progress:

  • 📈 Over 250,000 network users have actively engaged with our services.
  • 📶 A staggering 300,000,000 MB of data has been consumed, underlining the significant impact of our network.
  • 📲 We’ve garnered over 9,000 app downloads, showcasing a growing user base.
  • 🗺️ Our mobile app boasts mapping over 5 MILLION WiFi networks, reflecting our extensive reach and influence in the connectivity landscape.

Reflecting on this not-so-typical year, we’ve witnessed the embodiment of courage and perseverance within our team. It’s been sailing against the wind and growing against market odds.

But this is just the beginning of our story. As we embrace the horizon of 2024, we’re not merely stopping here. We’re ready for what lies ahead, armed with innovation, determination, and an unwavering spirit.

Cheers to what’s next — Bring on 2024!

Thank you for being a part of the Wayru WiFi community.

Stay awesome,
Wayru Team 💜



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