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Wayru Network
2 min readDec 1, 2023


At the heart of the Wayru Network lies WayruOS™, a cutting-edge operating system that revolutionizes how we think about WiFi and blockchain security. This OpenWRT-based system is designed to be compatible with a diverse range of access points from various manufacturers, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere. With WayruOS, you have the power to turn any WiFi device into a cryptocurrency-generating machine, unlocking a world of possibilities.

  1. WayruOS doesn’t restrict users to one brand. It embraces a wide range of access points, indoors and outdoors, ensuring inclusivity and diversity in choice.
  2. Security is paramount. Its robust protocols and architecture guarantee that the traffic from guest users, private users, and access point management flows through separate encrypted tunnels. This security measure ensures that your network remains safe.
  3. Each device running WayruOS possesses a unique identifier on the blockchain called Non-Fungible Nodes (NFNs). These identifiers secure every transaction within the network, instilling trust and reliability.
  4. Wayru Network integrates with WBA OpenRoaming, granting users automatic access to compatible WiFi networks worldwide. This integration offers a seamless, enterprise-grade experience with convenience and security.
  5. WayruOS empowers users by turning compatible WiFi routers into cryptocurrency-generating devices. By running WayruOS, users earn cryptocurrency whenever others connect to their shared WiFi networks, making connectivity a pathway to economic growth.

Our journey embodies community, inclusivity, and multi-chain rewards. WayruOS unites users globally, bridging connectivity and rewards for individuals and businesses.


While decentralizing Internet infrastructure remains our goal, we acknowledge the barrier posed by high deployment costs. Therefore, our ongoing efforts focus on expanding compatibility with affordable, widely available router brands.

Our progress is significant, having tested compatibility with over eight devices from MikroTik, TP-Link, TotoLink, Linksys, YunCore, and more. Moreover, we’re actively working on over 100 new compatibilities, a testament to our dedication and progress.


Our commitment to revolutionizing connectivity continues. We invite you to stay updated with our progress and be part of the Wayru community. Join us on Discord and Telegram channels for the latest updates and discussions and to engage with fellow enthusiasts.

Your support fuels our drive to create a more connected and empowered world. Let’s shape the future of connectivity.



Wayru Network

Wayru is a Blockchain-based Wireless Internet Network that provides seamless and effortless WiFi connectivity worldwide.