Meet our new CTO. Franco.

At Wayru, we are expanding and improving our C-level management team. We chose as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in Wayru.

In his position as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Franco will lead the engineering team and drive the software architecture development and the use of new technologies.

Franco has led multiple startups in the technical area; he has experience creating Management, Crypto, and Fintech software in LATAM. He has won numerous awards, including the “Best Tech Entrepreneur in Argentina” award. He also has degrees in Accounting and Business Administration, skills that add up exceptionally when leading and organizing teams from a solid administrative base.

We are excited to have Franco as our new CTO and experienced expert in scaling technology solutions. With the expansion of the management team, Wayru’s C level consists of three members: Charvel Chedraui (CEO and Founder), Paula Ceballos (CCO and Co-Founder), and Franco Antón (CTO).

Why did we open up the position for a new CTO?

The goals we have in Wayru are not an easy task.

We started with a small team, and thanks to our progress month after month, we raised capital and are currently leading the brutal battle to create tools that empower communities to deploy their own Internet networks.

At Wayru, we constantly seek to include people we admire in the team who help us fulfill our mission, which, as we mentioned previously, is not an easy task.

Getting a person to assume the weight of a CTO was complicated. Creating a TOP level Team is something we owe to the mission, to the community that has believed in the project, and of course, it is something that we owe to the entire early team, which has worked tirelessly to meet goals and take Wayru to the next level. We still have a long way to go, but we are definitely on the right track, and together we are unstoppable.

We want to share a short letter from our new CTO, Franco Antón, so that you can learn more about him. In the coming weeks, we will hold AMAs so that the community can ask all the questions you have and meet Franco personally. Without further ado, we will pass the word to Franco. Welcome!

Franco’s letter

In our current world, we take many things for granted; among them, we think everyone already has Internet access.

When I first met with Charvel, one key piece of information kept spinning around in my head. “One in two people in the world do not have reliable access to the Internet,” and I asked myself, What would my life be like if they cut off my Internet access for a month?

Could I even work? Could I pay for things? Could I contact my loved ones?

Certainly not, and unfortunately, in Latin America alone, about 400 million people lack access to the Internet, which drastically affects people’s lives.

More than once, I have thought of a global solution for giving Internet access, from satellites to wired or cellular networks crossed my mind. Still, the problem was always that the required infrastructure level was so significant that a multinational company needed to unfold it.

The moment I discovered Wayru, my eyes widened. The possibility of creating Internet access in a decentralized way to provide broad, borderless, and transparent access thanks to blockchain technology is simply fabulous.

The premise is that everyone who wants to help can run a Hotspot and help nearby people with no Internet access, invest in the deployed infrastructure, and earn crypto as a great extra. A solution where everyone wins! But above all, what captivated me to assume my role as CTO was the mission and a committed team that gives everything.

Wayru has a solution that provides value and autonomy to a sector that historically controls enormous, centralized, and inflexible companies.

I found in Wayru an environment aligned with my dreams and values. Leading the technical team will be a great and exciting challenge where I can use my skills to improve IT performance and get Wayru to reach its goals faster.

My name is , and I am the new CTO of Wayru; let’s connect the world together.

If you want to know more about me, I will leave you here a small summary:

  • I’ve been a Developer since I was 15 years old.

— Over the past ten years, I have:

  • Led two startups to succeed in the IT and Crypto world.
  • I have created more than six different Management, Crypto and Fintech software.
  • I have won 3 awards for the best tech entrepreneur in Argentina.
  • I am also an Accountant and Business Administrator.
  • I am an Ontological Coach with certification in NLP.

Fun Facts:

  • I like to read Fantasy books.
  • Practice martial arts.
  • And, of course, I like dogs

Feel free to contact me on our or channels. I’m a DM away.

PD: We are happy to announce that in celebration of the growth of our team, we are offering a discount to get FREE shipping on any genesis orders. To take advantage of , please and use the code



Decentralized Internet Network Powered by YOU. Disrupting the status quo of #InternetAccess. Built on #Algorand

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Decentralized Internet Network Powered by YOU. Disrupting the status quo of #InternetAccess. Built on #Algorand