3 min readAug 9, 2022


When I started with the crazy vision of a more connected world in 2021, it seemed complicated but not impossible because, before I realized it, it was no longer just me with an idea. We are now a 15-person team with the same dream: To eradicate digital inequality by deploying Decentralized Internet Networks with free access for all.

My co-founder’s and team’s dedication, passion, and commitment made a great dream a reality. Today we mark a milestone in Latam by being the first company to open a new path to connect millions of people through a Decentralized Internet Network.

We build tools to empower people like you to be part of this dream by giving Internet access to people that remain disconnected and earn rewards. That is why we have created the Genesis Hotspot. A plug-and-play device that allows anyone to create a hotspot and start earning rewards. Share your WiFi with people around you and earn according to the amount of traffic generated. This process is something we call Share2Earn.

Anyone with a stable fixed Internet connection can become a Hotspot Operator. You can set up a Genesis device in restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, cafes, or your home. The more traffic you get, the more rewards you’ll earn.

The Pre-Sale is LIVE, so you can buy as many devices as you need or want!

Don’t forget that there is only a limited window of time to get your hands on a Genesis device to become a Wayru Hotspot, so don’t wait too long and get your device here:

As the Hotspot’s name indicates, this is only the beginning of a more connected world which is why we went a step further. We set up Hotspots in major cities in Latam where Internet access is most needed.

We group the Hotspots deployed by us in any city into something we call Hotspot Pools. Each Pool has a minimum of 1,000 Hotspots. The number of tokens available to invest in the Pool depends on the location and number of hotspots in it. Owning a share of the Pool allows you to earn a percentage of the earnings generated based on its performance.

Hotspot Pools are the best way to invest in Internet infrastructures and start earning crypto.

A dream of this dimension requires all the strength, willingness, and determination to continue growing, and experience has shown us that the more united we are, the further we will go. Together we must join efforts to boost the growth of Wayru’s Network in the region so that more and more people join to close the digital gap and make the dream of having a more connected world a reality.

We also strongly believe that when you give, something always comes back to you. Join Wayru today and be part of a significant change.

With Love,

Charvel Chedraui

CEO and Founder



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