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The best way to invest in Internet infrastructures and start earning crypto.

For a long time, the Telecom sector has remained unchanged. ISPs and Telcos focus on building more profitable businesses by upselling their existing customers with antiviruses, content platforms, and other services for a commission instead of expanding coverage and lowering prices to connect more people.

These practices have almost 50% of the population disconnected, and the digital gap keeps growing wider when it should be long gone in 2022 when in 2011, the UN declared Internet access a human right.

The problem is that centralized solutions focus solely on how much more their business can profit, how much less they can pay their employees, and how far they can neglect their services or products to make an extra buck. On top of that, earnings go to only a few pockets, and the people who have been paying for the infrastructure for years get higher bills every month.

We are here to change that.

The revolution

Investing in Internet Infrastructures is something most people see undoable, too far away, or simply not worth it.

Currently, only a few legacy players manage most of the Telecom market, and we at Wayru believe that the ownership of Internet infrastructures should be in the hands of as many people as possible.

Wayru is a new kind of Internet service provider with distributed ownership. We make it easy for people to run their infrastructure or own a piece of the networks we deploy.

A small investment will get you a piece of the Internet in emerging countries. Our Network will provide reliable, fast, affordable Internet access to homes, businesses, and people.

Our model is super simple

Wayru will provide connectivity where it is most needed starting in big cities in Latam, deploying a series of antennas with a fiber backbone to spread the Internet across a region. We will design and build a hybrid network of Hotspots using fiber and cutting-edge radio fiber-quality mesh technologies operating in unlicensed spectrum to build gigabit networks rapidly.

We group the Hotspots deployed in any city into something we call Hotspot Pools. Each Pool has a minimum of 1,000 Hotspots. We tokenize the Pools, and the number of tokens in the Pool depends on the location of the Pool and the number of Hotspots in the Pool. As the Network grows, more token pools will become available for purchase.

Pool tokens can be bought using WRU, ALGO, USDC, or USD and are automatically staked against said Network to earn rewards. Rewards are paid in WRU Tokens.

Owning Wayru Pool Tokens is similar to owning tokenized real-estate to earn from rentals, but in Wayru Pool Tokens, owners earn WRU based on the Pool’s Hotspots performance.

We will take care of the setup, operations, and management and collect revenues and usage data. You’ll have access to the network data at all times.


Rewards are paid after expenses to keep the Network running. A Hotspot needs five things to work: Electricity, Bandwidth, WiFi Hardware, a place to set it up, and an operator (person or entity in charge of setup and maintenance). Expenses are around 40–45% of the monthly generated revenue.

So for the sake of clarity, this is how it will look like:

+ Income

  • Internet sales — $100

- Expenses

  • Bandwidth — $30
  • Electricity — $3
  • Location — $2
  • Repair/Replace Treasury — $5
  • Protocol Fee — $20

= Income — Expenses

  • Pool Token Holder Rewards — $40

For every $100 in revenue generated from using the Network, around $40 keeps the Network running, $20 is Wayru’s share of the reward (Protocol Fee), and the remaining $40 is the reward for the Pool Token Holder.

*This is only an example, each Pool will have a different performance, and the rewards may vary by city.

Rewards come from services sold to subscribers on the Network. Earnings are balanced across the Pool to ensure everyone gets their fair share. The more tokens you hold, the more rewards.


  • Date: Early Q3 2022
  • Quantity: 10,000 Hotspots available
  • Price per token: $50 USD

Wayru Pool Tokens have a value of $50, and we’ll have a limit of 10,000 units available at the presale.

The Beginning

We chose Ecuador as ground zero. Only 45.5% of households in Ecuador have Internet access due to high pricing, lack of coverage, or long-term contracts. Only 56.1% of households in urban areas and 21.6% in rural areas have Internet access. We will start by deploying Hotspots in Quito and Guayaquil, the country’s largest and most populated cities.

Wayru will provide fixed broadband for homes and businesses and WiFi On-the-Go. Our Network will lower Internet costs, improve speeds and eliminate long-term, debt-creating contracts. No setup cost, and the first month of service is FREE for early adopters.

Our goal is to decrease the cost and time of broadband deployments, increase speeds, and improve QoS for subscribers. We expect to reach 1,000 fixed broadband clients and 10,000 WiFi users in the next six months. After achieving our goal, we will expand network coverage by 1,000X throughout Latam in the following five years.

Let’s build the future of the Internet together.

Pre-sale is LIVE now!

With Love,

Charvel Chedraui

CEO and Founder


PD: Stay tuned in our Discord, Twitter, and Telegram for surprises, rewards, and more until the big day of the pre-sale comes!🤩




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