Wayru Points System: Get Rewarded for Connecting the World!

If you think Wayru WiFi is just another way to find free WiFi, think again! It’s not just an app — we’re a vibrant global community united by a mission — to democratize internet access for everyone.

Wayru Network
4 min readJun 4, 2024

With over 10 million WiFi networks and over 100 thousand app downloads, our community grows stronger daily. Embracing the WBA OpenRoaming protocol, Wayru Network offers seamless and secure enterprise-level WiFi access worldwide.

Here’s where the excitement peaks. By utilizing the app, you open up the opportunity to earn rewards. It’s akin to transforming your mobile device into a crypto-generating mechanism. The more you engage, the greater your potential earnings.

Now, let’s explore the exciting rewards system and wPoints — the key to unlocking a range of benefits within the Wayru WiFi app. Let’s get started on this exciting journey!

☝️ Ways to Earn Wayru Points

Wayru Points (wPoints) are rewards you earn by performing various actions within the app, such as daily check-ins, sharing networks, or validating them. You can use wPoints to purchase GBs, access premium features, buy NFTs, and much more.

🎁 Welcome Gift

Upon creating an account, all new users receive 100 Wayru Points as a welcome gesture. Get started within our exciting ecosystem with a head start!

📍Check-in to a Network

By checking in to different networks available on Wayru’s mobile app, you can win up to 100 Wayru Points every day. Connect to a network, complete the check-in process, and earn 10 Wayru Points for each network, with a maximum of 10 daily networks.

Check-in to a Network

🔓 Shared Password-Protected or Open Networks Rewards

Sharing a network with the community can earn you 100+ Wayru Points. You earn 50 wPoints for successfully shared networks and the connections received. Additionally, 50 wPoints when users verify your network, you qualify for continuous rewards up to 40 wPoints per connection received after at least 3 verified users use your shared network.

✅ Network Validation Rewards

Validating a network is crucial for maintaining network security and providing a better user experience. By validating a network and ensuring its usage by multiple users, you can earn up to 100 Wayru Points, 50 wPoints as soon as you verify it, and up to 50 wPoints more if the network is used 3 times after your verification is successful.

🤝 Referrals Rewards

By referring new users to download the app and connecting to verified networks, you can earn up to 100 Wayru Points per referred user. You get 50 wPoints when your friends sign up, 25 wPoints if they become active by connecting to available networks, and up to 25 wPoints more if they invite their friends. Referring friends benefits you and helps the Wayru community grow.

Invite friends and earn rewards

🔰 Participation Badges

You’ll receive badges in your profile when you achieve certain milestones within our platform. You can share these badges on social media to showcase your commitment to a more connected world.

😉 User-Friendly Experience

We’ve made sure that our app is intuitive and user-friendly. Connecting to hotspots is a breeze; you can enjoy a smooth browsing experience wherever you go.

Wayru allows you to connect seamlessly to WiFi spots while being rewarded through the innovative Wayru Points system. Whether you check in, connect, share, or validate WiFi networks, a dynamic and engaging reward system enriches your experience.

The Wayru Points are just the beginning of the Wayru rewards program. We’re constantly working on new ways to reward our users for helping us build a better internet experience for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Wayru WiFi app today and start earning!

🤝 Connect with us ⬇️

📁 Docs: https://bit.ly/wayru-docs
🌍 Website: https://www.wayru.io/
🐦 Socials: https://linktr.ee/wayru.io
📱 Wayru WiFi App: https://onelink.to/9v3qe3
📡 Buy a Genesis: https://www.wayru.io/get-genesis
🏓 Zealy: https://zealy.io/cw/wayru
👑 Ambassadors Program: https://bit.ly/wayru-ambassadors



Wayru Network

Wayru is a Blockchain-based Wireless Internet Network that provides seamless and effortless WiFi connectivity worldwide.