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Let’s close the digital gap in vulnerable communities in LATAM.

We are excited to announce our alliance with the Economic Inclusion Project (EIP), executed by WOCCU and financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), to boost a decentralized way of delivering Internet access and join efforts to close the digital gap in Latin America.

“As a project, we have found that vulnerable communities have partial or no access to the Internet. The lack of Internet access makes it difficult for these communities to be part of the programs we have developed. Together with partners and allies, we aim to help them improve their knowledge and skills in things like entrepreneurship, employability, personal financial education, and request support from our team. And on the other hand, to make proper use of the virtual tools that the Project has developed but, more importantly, increase access to financial services. By having Internet access, people will have more opportunities and thus, improve their livelihoods”, said Oscar Guzmán, Chief Of Party at WOCCU.

Thanks to this partnership with WOCCU, we have connected with hundreds of Microfinance Institutions, foundations, and governmental entities focused on promoting financial inclusion.

Our solution complements the EIP and WOCCU’s mission of bringing financial inclusion, employability, and entrepreneurship to strategically vulnerable communities that lack internet access throughout LATAM.

“A decentralized version of how the Internet is distributed will enable people to achieve digital freedom and economic independence and drive community empowerment. Wayru is changing the status quo of providing Internet access. We are aiming for a worldwide network powered by people, creating a sharing economy where everyone involved is rewarded”, said Charvel Chedraui, CEO of Wayru.

At Wayru, we are convinced that decentralizing Internet Networks will significantly reduce the digital divide and its consequences. In addition, adapting to the needs and reality of the most vulnerable communities complements the processes of financial inclusion, employment, and employability.

Thanks to all the parties involved in this alliance, the communities in rural and marginal urban areas in the world will be able to boost their economic growth by being included in a digital and globalized economy. This will generate new sources of employment by actively participating in trade, increasing productivity, enhancing competitiveness, and receiving access to social benefits such as online education, remote work, or telemedicine.

Let’s close the digital gap together.

You can see the whole Webinar here: youtube.com/watch?v=9L7BYRJBjYE

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